The passion of Orineida
My passion is to offer knowledge on how to tap into the universe of possibilities and show you how to create the life you really desire.

I’m excited about this. Every day I start with gratitude and amazement at how we are all so divinely taken care of and what new and amazing experiences will happen. Twenty years ago, I chose to open my mind and make it my business to change my life, so I’m loving life, and always open to new possibilities.

Just as my passion and excitement grows with each passing day, your excitement and passion can do the same when you obtain the information that I have had the opportunity to learn. I openly and gladly pass this knowledge on to you through the workshops and speaking opportunities that I’m offering. Just be curious and don’t ever miss out on the opportunity to observe yourself with curiosity and without moralistic judgments. Be honest with yourself about yourself, and then you have opened the door for change and amazing experiences that can bring such joy and peace.

Knowledge is the first step. Then come the actions, applying that knowledge: now you are using wisdom.
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