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“There is room for all races of people to live and work together in respectful, connecting ways.”

Creator and owner of Orineida Counselling Services, Leslie Williamson is a one-woman powerhouse traveling to remote places that can sometimes take three airplanes and a boat to reach. Her work involves all races of clients around the Vernon, BC area, as well as Indigenous First Nations communities throughout Canada. Leslie works with large and small teams of people and is available for keynote speaking. She provides services for corporate clients, Chiefs and Councils, Band Office staff and - equally important - community members.

“My work’s VISION is to help create a world in which people live in peace by using some of their current knowledge as well as creating some new strategies for resolving conflict without violence, and to offer knowledge that builds life-enriching systems to sustain communities over time.

“My MISSION is to support individuals, families, our workers and leadership so that they can live with internal peace and experience more joyful, compassionate and respectful connection with the world around them. Our leadership, our families and we as individuals can achieve this through strength and courage.

“My COMMITMENT is to live this way to the best of my ability and act as a role model in remembering traditional values.”
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