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I have been involved in Aboriginal training and healing work since 1993. I am Vuntut Gwitch’in of the Old Crow Band in the Yukon Territory. My family belongs to the Wolf Clan.

I am creator and owner of Orineida* Counselling Services. I operate my business out of Vernon, BC as a workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, trainer, and counsellor. I received training from contemporary and First Nations teachers. Some of the institutes that I have attended include the Counselor Training Institute, Vancouver College, Okanagan College, Round Lake Treatment Center, the Justice Institute in Vancouver, and the Nonviolent Communication Organization from California, USA.

I grew up with a mother who was raised in a Residential School in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. The legacy of that system had a powerful impact on my life: first one of pain and love, then moving on through the pain to being able to see the beauty in the pain. In other words, I learned to see what the pain has shown me about life and myself. If I can source myself from that pain and see what it has shown me, I can share that with others. I can offer hope for change and insight to others on how they can apply this knowledge to make positive change in their lives.

I am most grateful to both my parents for their guidance in showing me how to have the self discipline it takes to operate my own business. Dad is now 84 and still of sound mind, working each day and accomplishing his dreams, keeping his mind keen and his body healthy.

*“Orineida” means “subtle mind uniting all things”.
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